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Why to Inhabit a Star

By inhabiting a star, you bond your name forever both with your chosen star and SKY-MAP.ORG. You will also receive a web page linked to your star on "INHABITED SKY" which becomes from now on, your own personal page, where you can place any personal information.

Your personal page will be available only on "INHABITED SKY". If you visit the star's page on SKY-MAP.ORG, you can read detailed information about your star and browse through an exhaustive collection of scientific articles related to your star. At the top, you will spot a small symbol on the star's page which is an indication to everyone that this star has already been inhabited. By clicking on the symbol, anyone can see who inhabited this star and they will be linked to your personal page.

The SKY-MAP.ORG authors are convinced that the technology developed by them will transform SKY-MAP.ORG into a worldwide astrophysical website, bringing together a large number of Internet resources, access to which will be based on the principle of maximal visualization. The authors imagine SKY-MAP.ORG as a bridge linking the incredibly beautiful, and unimaginably complex world of modern science to the world of your everyday person as well as to the world of children. The authors hope that their site will make it possible to intrigue all layers of society to the grandeur of the outer space. The dream of the authors is to awaken the general public's interest in the outer space – for us all to recognize the consequences behind Stephen Hawking's opinion, that humanity does not have a future, if it would not feel at home in the Universe.

SKY-MAP.ORG was originally planned and always perceived as a gift to children, and it is precisely this fact that has inspired and encouraged the authors to create.

Being absolutely realistic, the future plans of the site's creators requires hard work and financial resources. The authors are confident in success, and you have a unique opportunity to share in this success. By inhabiting a star, you become a valuable co-author of SKY-MAP.ORG. The distance between you and the star that you inhabit is vast. But you can "snatch" this star from the sky, hold it in your hand and give this gift to all people. Thank you!