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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is "INHABITED SKY"?

    "INHABITED SKY" is a service that allows linking your personal information with the image of one of the stars on the "INHABITED SKY" site. The "INHABITED SKY" service is created by the authors of the SKY-MAP.ORG project. The authors expect that "INHABITED SKY" will provide the much needed support for the implementation of the ambitious plan – turning SKY-MAP.ORG into the global astronomical resource-website.

  2. How to "get" a star?

    The SKY-MAP.ORG creators provide the "INHABITED SKY" service as a sign of appreciation for your support. The financial support is certainly very important for the SKY-MAP.ORG development, but there are many other ways to contribute. For example, you could help with the site's translation into any language in addition to those languages into which the site has already been translated. You could write and publish the articles about the SKY-MAP.ORG site, help with the site's design or documentation. Perhaps you would find SKY-MAP API convenient and use it to develop popular astronomy resources. Or maybe you would like to share new and interesting ideas with the authors and to help them develop these ideas. In any case, your support is very important for the further development of SKY-MAP.ORG and we hope that a star on "INHABITED SKY" will become a pleasant gift.

  3. What kind of information can be placed on "INHABITED SKY"?

    You can place both the personal and business information, including advertising. You can read about the limitations to the nature of the placed information in "Rules and Regulations".

  4. Can I buy a real star using "INHABITED SKY"?

    No, the authors assume that in accordance with the international law, a private individual, an organization or a state cannot own any space objects of the natural origin. Further information about this matter with the references to the sources can be obtained here: Extraterrestrial Real Estate.

  5. Can I rename a star or make a name for a nameless star using "INHABITED SKY"?

    No. Only the International Astronomical Union officially names stars. You can obtain the detailed information about this matter here: Astronomical Naming Conventions.

  6. How to understand the phrases like "my star", "his star", "the information on my star" etc. in the discussion about "INHABITED SKY"?

    While talking about "INHABITED SKY", these phrases have the figurative meaning, in no way connected to the property rights of any astronomical objects. In these phrases the discussion is not about the star's ownership, but about the use of the "INHABITED SKY" service.

  7. Can I sell "my star" or present it as a gift for someone?

    Yes. In order to edit the personal information associated with your "star", you must first log-in entering your Username and Password. When desired, you may inform anyone about the Username and Password you are using. Then this person, too, will be able to edit the information associated with "your" star. He also will be able to change the Username and the Password at any time. If you are not informed about the change, you will no longer be able to access the star's information. Thus, you star becomes "transferred" to another person. And you are not limited by any conditions in that respect.