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Our Top Contributors

1.  Anonymus
Star: USNOA2 0825-07201560
 msnbc Space News 

2.  Matt's Star
Star: να CMa

3.  Chich
Star: HD 102328
 This star belongs to the Girls and Woohoo. $250.00

4.  Kirk Rosberg
Star: 13 Ori

5.  Anonymus
Star: 78 Psc

6.  Ayra´s Star
Star: ν Sco

7.  Aleksandr Karmanov
Star: HD 7590

8.  Варфоломеева Наталья Александровна
Star: 9 Gem

9.  Anonymus
Star: 8 Gem

10.  Chris Foreman
Star: HD 202314
 Sophia Arete, you shine like a star in the universe [Philipians 2:15]

11.  bill
Star: 46 Cnc
 the fault lies not with the stars...... $100.00

12.  Michael Damkier
Star: λ UMi
 If you're ever in the area, please drop in and say hello! 

13.  John Kayser
Star: HD 133008

14.  Kaydi
Star: HD 16802
 I am buying this star for my lover, she is amazing. KAydi, you mean the world and the stars, I love you. $100.00

15.  Daniel Austin
Star: η Car

16.  richard wanless
Star: HD 218061

17.  TOMMY
Star: 73 Psc
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! Thomas Gabriel William Scott WIth love from Grandma and Grandpa Scott Aloha from Uncle Brad "Wish Far ,Wish High, Wish Hard,Wish upon a STAR" 

Star: 28 Lib
 WOW..I'm humbled by the glorious magnitude of this project and grate full to be a contributor...
to the many children of the world...
"Wish high,Wish far ,Wish hard. Wish upon a STAR"

Star: USNOA2 0600-15056920

20.  Anonymus
Star: HD 122740